Traveling with dogs in Paris


Traveling with dogs might be the easiest and can be done in the most elegant way possible in Paris. Because Paris has the highest number of pets owned per residents hence making the city more pet friendly. Traveling with dogs needs long procedure of paper work for dog passport or plane ticket but once you step in Paris with your other half, everything would seem to have been worth it.

Be it people-watching with your pooch in the chic cafe of Paris street or pampering your dog from the famous dog groomer that will cost you more than your hair cut, Widetrip has everything covered (all pet friendly) for where to go, stay, eat, shop and trust when traveling with dogs in Paris.

( Where to Go When Traveling With Dogs )

Surprisingly, dogs are not allowed in many parts of Paris including parks. Some parks allow dogs but only in some areas. However, we have gathered many pet friendly places for you here to visit when traveling with dogs in Paris. And let’s all be responsible dog owners by cleaning up after the business (if you know what I mean) because it is not only civil but you can face with fine of 500 euros.

* Jardin du Luxembourg

Garden du Luxembourg is one of the most visited park in Paris as well as the largest garden on the left bank of Paris. So we would have been disappointed if we couldn’t visit this place when traveling with dogs. But no worries, it is pet friendly in the east side of the park. And everyday, you will encounter many friendly families and tourists to spend the afternoon with. Also, if you and your pooch wish to discover the history of Parisian life and the architecture in and around Jardin du Luxembourg, Widetrip always welcome you both in our walking tour anytime!

* Bois de Vincennes & Boulogne

Both Bois de Vincennes and Bois de Boulogne are fantastic pet friendly place to visit when traveling with dogs in Paris. Bois de Boulogne is located in 16th arrondissement not far from Eiffel Tower. This wooded reserve allows you and your pooch to walk along the beautiful trails and little river. Also, during the day, you can see many rabbits running around too. Unlike the central location of Bois de Boulogne, Bois de Vincennes is located near the border of Paris in 12th arrondissement. Even though it is a little far away from the city center, the area offers a very large pet friendly area for your pooch to run around and enjoy their peaceful afternoon.

* Champs de Mars

When traveling with dogs, Eiffel Tower is one of the must visit. We are lucky that Champs de Mars allow dogs because now they can enjoy breathtaking view of Eiffel Tower while having their favorite snacks. Your pooch can also interact with their friends around the area. Even though the signs indicate that they are not allowed on the grass but many people ignore the signs.

* Versailles Park

Small dogs are always welcome in the Versailles Palace Gardens. Versailles Park is not only beautiful and maintained but also offers pet friendly large space for dogs to be free! And here is a better news, there are many guided tours of Versailles Palace but not many about the Palace Garden. Widetrip will bring you and your pooch into the park with the most history, functions and elegance.

* Double-decker sightseeing bus

Yes! Dogs are allowed in those double-decker sightseeing buses you often see in Paris and they are pet friendly! This is a must when traveling with dogs for both you and your pooch because the buses will take you to every famous tourist attraction in Paris. Even though dogs are allowed in metro, wouldn’t it better to enjoy the view of Paris while sitting down in comfortable chairs? Look for the companies like Big Bus or L’Open Tour when traveling with dogs as their buses are pet friendly.

* Pet friendly Mass at Saint Rita Church

This might be the one and only church in France to be pet friendly or more of animal-friendly. Once a year in November, Saint Rita Church opens its door to bless the animals. This pet friendly mass has been led by Archbishop Dominique Philippe of the Gallican Church and even welcomed animals like zebras or boar. About 600 animals attended this mass every year. However, just a few years ago, the church has been sold by its landlord for property development. This has saddened not only the pet owners but also the believers. Petition to save Saint Rita Church has been going on but it didn’t not have any luck with the demolition. The Archbishop is hoping to find another site where he can continue his pet friendly mass. So search back about this when you are traveling with dogs (or any kinds of animals)

* Montorgueil District

Montorgueil district has full of food, lives and energy. The district is large and has many beautiful small streets you should get lost when traveling with dogs here. You will be greeted with so many delicious foods you and your pooch can enjoy. Also, there are many pet friendly hidden passages to explore together. But if you ever need someone who will bring you two to the perfect place, let us know anytime!

( Where to Stay When Traveling With Dogs )

Most of the hotels in Paris are pet friendly so you won’t have much problem when traveling with dogs. Some do not even charge extra euros but even if they do, it will be around 20 to 30 euros per night. Among many pet friendly hotels in Paris, here we have shortlisted the best of best from 5 start luxurious ones to less pricey yet chic and trendy ones.

* Hôtel de Crillon

It is a historic luxury hotel which opened in 1909 in the building that was built in 18th century. Located in 8th arrondissement, it is in the center of center in Paris. If you are staying in one of their pet friendly rooms while traveling with dogs, your pooch might even be treated better than you. They will be given with their own bed, toys, small bottles of Evian. And the best part is, you can order a room service meal for your pooch and all the dishes for him or her will be prepared by two-star Michelin chef.

* Actuel Dogs

Although it is located in Vincennes, right outside of Paris, it is one of the most popular pet friendly destination for dogs because the service they provide will surprise you and your pooch. When you are traveling with dogs in Paris, do check out ‘Actuel Dogs’ for their services. ‘Actuel Dogs’ do not believe in extravagant luxury such as grooming but more of dogs’ needs. They offer dogs to swim in the pool, massages, walk in the woods nearby and even training! There are 6 rooms and 2 suits and charge 35 euros per night. The hotel is operated by dog specialists so don’t worry they really know what they are doing.

* The Peninsula Paris

The Peninsula Paris is located near Avenue Champs-Élysées. It is pricier choice than others but the service for dogs is amazing. There is no additional fee when you are traveling with dogs and they will be greeted with special welcome basket full of dog food, water, toy and a name tag. Also the best part is, the suites with private garden and terrace is available for you and pooch to relax together better.

* Le Meurice

Here is yet another pet friendly luxury hotel but this one is a little special because the hotel’s mascot is a dog! He was adopted by the construction workers when they were building the hotel back in 1907 and used to stay with them on the site. This pet friendly hotel will welcome any guests traveling with dogs with personalized basket. Personalized name tag. Personalized menu. Personalized food bowl (engraved with dog’s name). And even staff can walk your pooch in nearby Tuileries Garden upon request.

* Less pricey yet still chic and trendy

If you find the hotels above too extravagant and too pricey, here are the list of hotels that are very pet friendly. They might charge you additional fees but they are usually around 20 to 30 euros per night. And that is a small price to pay for traveling with dogs. They are less pricey in terms of rate so the services they offer would be very limited. However, these hotels are still so chic and trendy and located in the area where dogs are always welcome to stroll with you. Hotel de Buci  /  Hotel Auteuil Tour Eiffel  /  Hotel Mademoiselle  /  Exclusive Hotel Aston  /  Le Petit Paris

( Where To Eat When Traveling With Dogs )

Be it for people watch or to have a glass of wine for you and water for your pooch, Paris is always opened for you. Most of cafes and restaurants are pet friendly and dogs are allowed in terrace tables. And some of the restaurants or cafes even allow them to come inside and sit with the owners. But here is the list of places where you will be interested when traveling with dogs in Paris.

* L’Esprit du 12éme

Ever dreamed of having a fancy brunch with your four-legged companion? Every Sunday from 12:30pm to 3pm, both you and your pooch are welcomed for ‘Brunch Family’ at pet friendly  L’Esprit du 12éme restaurant. It is located in 12th arrondissement near Bercy train station. It can be difficult to find a place to dine together inside the restaurant in Paris while traveling with dogs in Paris but here, you can sit together in this chic ambiance to have unforgettable brunch together. The price starts from 49 euros and with a glass of champagne, it is 55 euros.

* Pink Flamingo

This gem is a must visit when you are traveling with dogs. This little pizza place will deliver the pizza to you once ordered in the restaurant. You can sit anywhere you prefer with your pooch along the pet friendly Canal Saint Martin with the pick balloon given by the restaurant when you made an order. All you have to do next is to enjoy the view and the food with your dog without being pressured by other customers of the restaurant.

* Place for dessert or a cup of tea

And it is time for dessert or a cup of tea if you’d prefer. Head to Berthillon if you are craving for a good ice-cream and some people-watch time with your pooch in their pet friendly outdoor tables. Or you can also try Angelina in 1st arrondissement for a cup of tea. The best part of this place is that you can actually bring your dog inside the tearoom. This might be the perfect way to end the day of traveling with dogs.

( Where To Shop When Traveling With Dogs )

As much as you need different types of products and accessories, your pooch needs that too. Paris has so many pet friendly shops with so much variety to choose from. But we have narrowed down to a few for you to check out when you are traveling with dogs in Paris and in need of shopping.


They have almost everything you need when traveling with dogs. You don’t have to worry about carrying heavy food for your pooch all the way to Paris. Instead, you can easily have them deliver to your hotel or Airbnb location upon your arrival. They have all kinds of products in variety and in very reasonable prices.

* La Niche by BHV

Situated in the Marais district, this little pet friendly place is like a paradise for dogs or any pets. You will be greeted with big statues of cat and dog in the entrance and once you are in, you can find anything from accessories, name tags, food, healthcare and hygiene products. And clothes too! How about new pieces of Parisian style clothes for you pooch?

* Un Chien Dans Le Marais

Here is another pet friendly store you should visit. There is a website you can see all their products and also a showroom so whatever you find it convenient. You will be surprised by the variety of products they offer. And they carry most of popular pet friendly brands for dogs in one place so it will be much easier for the owners to shop. Delivery will be free of charge from 99 euros anywhere in France.

( Where To Trust When Traveling With Dogs )

Trusting your pooch with someone that you don’t know can be difficult. But in Paris, there are so many companies or group of passionate people who can be trustworthy. They are more than pet friendly.

* Dog Walker or Sitter

Dogs are not allowed in any museum in Paris but it doesn’t mean that you can’t visit Louvre or d’Orsay because you are traveling with dogs. There are many groups of specialists and passionate dog owners who will be more than happy to walk or take care of your dog while you spend time in Louvre or d’Orsay. Check out pet friendly Doggies & Compagnie for high quality daycare service. This english-speaking group will walk your pooch and can provide departure service for your dog if you are in rush. Or passionate team of Parisian women from CitizenDog can take your dog to the nearby forests outside Paris to have a walk.

* Dog Grooming

Your pooch needs to be groomed too. And with no surprise, there are so many chic dog grooming locations in Paris you can visit while traveling with dogs. Marie Poirier is known to be the most famous one in Paris. Located in 17th arrondissement, the work done by this place will be magical but it can easily cost more than your hair cut. If you are looking for something less pricey, you can try La Tour Caline in the 16th arrondissement or Dog in the City in the 4th arrondissement

Also, if you and your pooch is looking for more green things to do in Paris, check out the list of Ecotourism places to visit in Paris. They are very pet friendly because most of the sites are outdoor.


Or if you always wished to visit one of the abandonned places in Paris but was scared to do so alone. Now that you are traveling with dogs, you are not alone! So you should visit one of these abandoned places in Paris with your pooch!

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