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How to be a Little Mermaid in Paris?

How to be a Little Mermaid in Paris?

♪ ‘We got no troubles. Life is the bubbles. Under the sea’ ♪

Yes, we all wondered if life is really better underwater. Being a Little Mermaid takes effort or a little bit of magic if we must say. Today, Widetrip takes underwater and gathered magic-free ways to be a Little Mermaid in Paris (You’re welcome!)


* Aquarium

aquarium, mermaid, whale, marine, seaPhoto: Blog / S’amuser ensemble

Obviously, you need to be friends with underwater species to be a Little Mermaid. Most famous stop will be ‘Aquarium de Paris’, located near Eiffel Tower. For area of more than 3,000 m2, you will be meeting most of your new friends from marine life. But do expand your circle by visiting ‘Palais de la Porte Dorée – Aquarium Tropical’. Here, you will be meeting your friends from as far as Africa and South America. Also, little bird told us that there are two young albino alligators (it’s all about diversity).


* Mysteries of Seine River

You can’t miss out on some mysteries of Seine river if you were to be a Little Mermaid in Paris. Follow Widetrip today to discover some untold mysteries of Seine river. It is important to know how Seine river was crucial to the history.


* Musee National de la Marine

Talking about marine life, visit National Marine Museum to learn about the essentials. We are thinking ships, paintings and some navigation equipment.


* Paris Plages

beach, water, sand, deckchair, funPhoto: Blog / Groupe Colas

And you thought that it was not possible to be a Little Mermaid to enjoy marine life in Paris because there is no ocean nearby. Well, hello? Paris Plages? During summertime in Paris, ‘Georges-Pompidou expressway’ and ‘La Villette canal basin’ will be transformed into a long beach that you dreamed of. We are talking about water, sand, deckchairs and even palm trees!


* Versailles Fountain night show

firework, show, musical, fountain, mermaidPhoto: Château de Versailles

One perfect place for a Little Mermaid and a Prince Eric. It couldn’t be more romantic than having a magical kiss under the water and musical show. And what’s more, it will be in Château de Versailles. So ladies, reserve your spots for unforgettable Fountains Night Show in Versailles today!


* Albert Marquet exhibition

painting, mermaid, water, blue, seaPhoto: Wahoo Art

Not just a normal Little Mermaid. We decided to add some class! Admiring paintings of Albert Marquet, the French painter, will drive you into the underwater right away because he usually paints changing reflections of sky and water. Check out his exhibition at ‘Musée d’art Moderne de la Ville de Paris’.


* Water theme park

Yes! A water theme park in the heart of Paris. Who can resist that? Bring your fellow Little-Mermaid-wannabes to ‘Aquaboulevard de Paris’. It is a small price to pay to practice your social and swimming skills before joining marine life.


* La Mer Paris

For your information, Paris was underwater about 45-million-years ago. I understand how difficult it is to imagine how it was like for Paris to be underwater. But it will surprise you when you visit this geological heritage site. Come to ‘Catacombes de Paris’ to visit ‘La Mer à Paris’ exhibition. With that, we now believe that Paris was underwater before.


* IMAX screening

movie, sea, marine, mermaidPhoto: La Géode

Bring a handkerchief for this one because you might cry. Watching your whale friend’s touching stories about migration in the IMAX giant screen will be very realistic. Very rare opportunity to feel their emotion will be available at ‘La Géode’ theater.


* L’eau et les reves

How about a Little Mermaid who cares about others? It will be a plus if you care about environment and society as much as you care about your shiny hair. Join Widetrip today for a meaningful green walk (or swim) to discover local actors who work hard for environment along the water in the 19th arrondissement.



This is a little unusual. And it is not a place to visit in Paris but we thought that it will be worth mentioning. So here we go.

Every year, the sea level is increasing tremendously and in a few decades, we could all be underwater (literally). And a new study found that rate of sea level rise can be slowed by reducing ‘short-lived pollutants’.

Small changes we make everyday can make bigger impact for the future. For example, you can take less cars or motorbikes and instead, you can walk (or swim if you are a Little Mermaid)!



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