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Mysteries around the Center of Paris : From Saint Michel to le Pont Neuf

Mysteries around the Center of Paris

From Saint Michel to le Pont Neuf

Duration : 2h30 

Spoken languages : french, english, spanish, catalan

Prices : 20 € per person // 15€ per person for a group of 11 to 15 persons // private visits : 200 euros




Discover the macabre side of Paris, following Ana's steps

Paris in known as the City of light but majestic buildings, monuments, bridges and streets hide a darker past than we think. They have seen their share of blood and horror throughout the centuries.  

French Renaissance writer Rabelais wrote in 1532 that “Paris is a good place to live but a bad place to die” (“Pantagruel”, Chapter VII).

In the heart of Paris, Discover the city as you never imagined it and learn about its macabre history.

Where does it happen ? 

Discover the scariest stories in the center of the capital : Paris' Islands, Pont Neuf and les Halles 

What's the theme ?

Because Good triumphs over Evil and Paris has managed to stay afloat through her two millennia of history, the tour starts at the Saint-Michel fountain. 

We will cross the river onto the Ile de la Cité where you will learn about the mysteries of Notre Dame’s cathedral, the French Sweeney Todd, Marie Antoinette’s final moments and the end of the Templars, amongst other stories. 

We will then cross the Pont Neuf to return to mainland Paris to learn about the Protestant massacre of the 16th century. The tour will take you the area of les Halles, where prophecies will be revealed, young men lost their heads for a beautiful woman and thousands of corpses and skeletons where transferred out of their graves to the Catacombs.

This tour will reveal some of the darker stories of Paris’ past: murders, tortures, executions, prophecies from the middle ages to modern France to the 19th century.

And after the walk ?  

As always, a friendly moment is organized in order to talk all together and share great moments ! (price of the drink is not included)

Beware :

This tour is not suitable for young children, but teenagers are usually quite fond of it.



Bercée par la culture française et espagnole, j’ai vécu en Espagne et en Angleterre avant de m’installer dans l’est parisien. J’ai fait des études d’histoire et d’archéologie. Je suis une grande passionnée d’art, de voyages et de musique. J’adore également dénicher les trésors dans les friperies et les bouquinistes, les marchés parisiens, les promenades et pique-niques sur les quais de Seine ou le Canal Saint-Martin, me perdre dans les chemins du Père Lachaise.

Je possède une bonne expérience en tant qu’enseignante ou médiatrice culturelle et adore les enfants. Je serais plus que ravie d’adapter mes visites pour vos enfants également !

Bref, j’adore partager les secrets, histoires et lieux qui m’ont fait tomber amoureuse de la Ville Lumière.

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Bercée par la culture française et espagnole, j’ai vécu en Espagne et en Angleterre ava...

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