Questions principales

You will receive the exact place of the meeting with your DistrictBuddy at least 48 hours before the start of the visit.

Remember that you can not disclose details in the internal messages of Widetrip.

For now we are only present in Paris but soon we will offer our services in other cities. In which ? Now that's a surprise!

Subscription on Widetrip is 100% free for associations, residents or travelers.

If you want to make people discover your city differently , all you need is to think about a passion or a project dear to your heart and a burning desire to talk with other people . Then you just have to sign up on the platform and submit the project so that we may publish it online.

If you prefer to discover the city differently with our passionate DistrictBuddies, simply sign up on the site in order to book a project.

Widetrip is an open, international community platform: it connects associations and residents offering thematic walks to anyone wishing to discover a city differently with a passionate local.

En tant que DistrictBuddy

We accept a wide range of projects. The only condition is that the project is your passion and you are able to talk alone with an audience of 5 to 10 people.

The goal is to share and sell dreams to people around your passion!

At Widetrip, we promise that you will receive the amount collected on your virtual wallet 48 hours after the end of the visit.

Widetrip is all about meetings and exchanges between people: an unforgettable travel experience with those who are the dynamics of the city to experience the city differently. Widetrip is therefore intended also to individuals who are not professional guides nor associations.

In this case when you organize thematic walks without being either an association or a professional guide, they are private and are punctual: you can not make this your main activity, it means that you must occasionally make your walks and in no case do Widetrip makes your core business.

You must apply the law in force in France or that of your country by declaring as « Non-commercial earnings 'revenue". If you meet these conditions, no legal status has to be adopted.

As DistrictBuddy it is up to you to freely fix the contribution you want to ask your visitors!
Widetrip takes a 20% including taxes on the full amount you have earned.

En tant que voyageur

If you want a walk with one of our DistrictBuddies, you will pay the amount to set by the DistrictBuddy.

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